Personal Story

Growing up I lived what was considered a healthy life. I had a stay at home mother, who cooked us healthy, fresh meals. We didn’t keep sodas or junk food in the house, and we rarely ate fast food. I carried these habits over to college, eating relatively healthy with the exception of my sweet tooth. I never gained weight or had any health issue, so I assumed that I was on the right track.

This assumption was safe until I was about 20, when the first problem surfaced. I developed a skin disease on my face called dermatitis. I went to the dermatologist, got on medicine & went about life as normal. It took about 2 years of struggling with this skin condition for me to finally realize the medicine wasn’t working & it was time to take matters into my own hands. While researching it on Google, I came across a ladies blog that changed my life. Everything I was putting on my skin was contributing to my skin condition: sulfate (chemical that makes products sudsy), florid in toothpaste, & chemicals in sunscreen. Also, the fact it was a dry skin disease, which my doctor NEVER mentioned. In a matter of a few months after switching to all natural products, using Apple Cider Vinegar to cleanse my face & Coconut Oil to moisturize it, my skin condition cleared up.

Learning about all the harsh chemicals that was in the products I had been using my entire life was a huge epiphany. If the products we use on our skin are this corrupt, what about whats going in our bodies?

Even after this awakening, I still was so far from the truth. I started eating organic, stopped drinking sodas.. made steps like that. It took another dry skin problem surfacing to help me make that final push. I developed Keratosis Pilaris (red pimple like pumps) on my chest & back. As before, I attacked it from the outside by exfoliating, using coconut oil, taking cool showers.. you name it, I probably tried it. But I was still missing the internal link. It took about a year of fighting it until I started coming across information on Mind Body Green (phenomenal health resource!) that opened my eyes to the truth. What surfaces on our skin, is normally from an internal problem- which was weird to me at first because I never had stomach issue, digestive issue.. or anything like that. I did have a relatively high sugar diet, but besides that I ate “good”.

That assumption was so WRONG! The processed sugar I was filing my body with was causing Candida overgrowth in my gut, effecting my immune system & causing inflammation. With further research I learned most skin conditions like this are the root of a gluten allergy, which if you continue to eat it tears up your stomach (where about 70% of your immune system is) & causes inflammation. So pretty much it was a big mess & I needed to make some big changes.

In Fall of 2013, I went gluten & processed sugar free for a month solid, no cheating.. and my skin cleared up beautifully. I slowly reintroduced gluten to test it, and I had a huge KP breakout. Finding a path since this discovery has been a struggle. I have realized getting healthy isn’t just about eating right, but you also have to be strong mentally & spiritually. Facing this also made my emotional scares & pain from the past that I had pushed aside & ignored for years, resurface. What you ignore or neglect, always surfaces & it felt like all mine surfaced at once.

Health is about true unity of your mind, body, & soul. I have had to dig deep within myself mentally & spiritually to stay strong in my nutritional path. I have had to realize that through myself love I can find the strength to overcome this obstacle & others that lie ahead of me in the future.

Something I have always stayed true to in my life is making something positive out of something negative. This journey so far has encouraged me to expand my nutritional knowledge for myself & to help others. I am currently studying for a Certified Nutrition Consultant (CNC) certification, and reading self love books. My dream is to one day make a profession out of helping people find their self love & their nutritional path in life. All of the is the inspiration for Love Yourself Health..

love you. live long.

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